1. lil drawing I did for my grandpa, I forgot how unforgiving traditional inking was 


    They wait for she who would breed lilacs out of the dead land

    (larger) still version here (x)


    They wait for she who would breed lilacs out of the dead land

    still version of this (x)

  4. g1rlonf1re 

    fresh out of the hairdresser w/ my best girl @bitchezntshit !


    #donthateuscausewerehot #hateuscauseurnot


    look, a tomato salad in its natural habitat


    shut the fuck up


    shut the fuck up

  5. Is Warrick actually wearing underwear ? Or is he going commando ?


  6. Anonymous said: Eya color palette! 10 & Princess bubblegum ?



    this was really fun to do, even though that palette has little contrast ! Please send me more to force me to draw because I’m lazy

  7. I re-read Card Captor Sakura a couple days ago

    I am forever in love with Tomoyo

  8. Sometimes a girl just gotta draw shameless pinup art of somebody else’s OCs =w=

    This lovely lady is blackcreaturefromthelagoon's Desdemona, from her upcoming webcomic Andromeda ! Please check her out, also note that I am still offering commissions !

  9. I’ve been a fan of shoomlah for a long while now and I really like her historical disney princesses, so it inspired me to tackle an historical redesign ! I picked Peach because I’m basically in love with her and went for the 1830s, there’s probably a ton of mistakes here and stuff that could be fixed but I kind of like it. I wanted to do better than the terrible redesign they gave her dress in Super Smash Bros, I don’t know if I succeeded but at least it’s more historically accurate.

  10. Some prompts from this meme featuring Laïla and Birhan aka my bullshit 17th century fantasy world lesbians, in the same picture for the first time ! I think my favorite outfits are Birhan’s gala dress and the post-apocalyptic AU. (and yes Laïla is glowing where she got wounded ! DEMIGOD POWERS ACTIVATE)