1. Anonymous asked: I love your artwork, it's so unique. From the way you do your lineart to the shading and then textures, it's absolutely fantastic!

    Aww thank you !

  3. A birthday gift for my sempai strangelykatie, wendy from her webcomic The Girl From Hell City ! Happy birthday <3

    ((I am taking commissions !))

  4. Miss Matronic’s Magic Commissions

    Color :

    • - Bust/Portrait : $20
    • - Fullbody : $30
    • - Additional characters : +$10 per character
    • - Detailed backgrounds and specific requests : contact me to decide on a price

    Information :

    • - Contact me @ jasmine@rezo.net !
    • - Payment is beforehand, I’ll start drawing when I receive it.
    • - I accept payments with paypal only.
    • - No refunds are possible once I’ve started working.

    I won’t draw :

    • - Robots/mechas, I am dreadful at drawing them, unless they have a very simple design.
    • - Rape/noncon, sexual depictions of underage children, very graphic nsfw.

    I will draw furries, nsfw, etc. but I reserve myself the right to refuse any subject I deem unfit.

    At the moment, 3 slots are open.

    Check my art tag for more examples !

  5. Let’s be honest, that’s totally the kind of costume she’d wear to torture Persephone and Hades some more

    Drawn to Skrillex’s “Kill Everybody” which may just be her theme song

  6. Ok but what if the more they used their demons’ powers and the more they became like them ? Anyway it’s an Ava, ten years later 

  7. Of course, there were many sharks eager to feast on the remains of the Empire, but her… She was different. And she had the sharpest teeth.

    Wow, look at that, I just drew a background ! Congratulations, me ! I also tried to emulate strangelykatie's coloring style, so ????

  8. My character for the trade with jmeemarie !

    Her name is Olympia Wells, she is 26 and of asian descent. She owns the Wells’ Candy Emporium, which was created by her grandmother, Georgia Wells, when she moved in town 54 years ago. She loves the candy shop, but her true passion is cooking, especially savory dishes. She is calm, kind, and quite fond of bad puns and jokes.

    I also drew a doodle page :

    watch the speedpaint here !

  9. Pretty much how I’ve been feeling for the past 3 days

  10. Poor guy thought he could steal her wallet, didn’t have much time to regret his mistake

    limnatides' werewolf girl ! I had way too much fun with this